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2024 Term Dates

Term 1 - Starts - Thursday 1 February
Term 1 - Ends - Friday 12th April

Term 2 - Starts - Tuesday 30 April
Term 2 - Ends - Friday 5 July


Term 3 - Starts - Mon 22 July
Term 3 - Ends - Fri 27 September


Term 4 - Starts - Mon 14th October
Term 4 - Ends - Friday 20th December

Cafe Owl
Usually open for breakfast on Friday mornings from 8am till 9:15am.  Bacon & Egg Rolls; proper coffee, tea and hot chocolate; hash browns.  Great time to socialise with other parents. Held in the "Old Canteen" next to car park.

Devices at School
The school has one to one devices for students use. Students are not required to bring personal laptops, iPads or mobile phones for school use. Mobile phones are not to be used at school during school hours.

Cyber Safety Parent Webinars
Click here to go to the eSaftey website.

Bush Telegraph (School Newsletter)
To access previously published editions of the newsletter, please click here.

School Opal Travel Card/Pass
Click here to apply online a school travel pass or School Opal card.

Am I in the Manly Vale Public School Catchment

To check, click here.

Book Club
The school has access to the Scholastic Book Club where the school enjoys some a small percentage that keeps our library up-to-date with new books. Lots of options and a great place to source age appropriate gifts. Click here to order or browse.

Bikes & Scooters at School

Students may ride bikes and scooters to school independently from Year 3. An adult should accompany a student if they are in Kindergarten, Year 1 or 2. Bike licences must be applied for through the front office, so as safety procedures are communicated to the student before riding to school. The bike racks are located at the front of the school. All students must walk their bikes when entering and exiting the school grounds. In the afternoons when the footpath is busy students must walk their bikes past the bus stops so as to avoid running into pedestrian traffic. Helmets must be work at all times.

Dogs at School

No dogs are permitted on school grounds at any time. Dogs should be accompanied by their owners at pick up and drop off times outside the school grounds. No dogs should be left unattended near children exiting or entering the school.

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