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Café Owl

Have that need for a bacon & egg roll and coffee?  You can grab one at school drop-off every Friday during term between 8 and 9am at the "old" canteen right next to the car park - or sit for 10 minutes, enjoy your breakfast while catching up with other parents. All funds raised go towards P&C Fundraising Projects.

- Cash or Tap & Go Available
- We encourage Keep Cups

Café Owl is run by the fabulous Sally Tindall and our wonderful volunteers who cook, serve, make barista coffee each Friday.|

Current Menu

  • Bacon & egg roll        $5.00

  • Bacon roll                   $4.50

  • Egg roll                       $4.50

  • Croissant                    $4.50

  • Honeybread               $3.50

  • Hash brown                $1.00

  • Frozen pineapple       $0.50

* Teachers Discount $1.50 less for rolls

Volunteer Roles:

- Cook (7.20am)
- Barista 
- Hot chocolate / floater
- Fillers
- Servers

Ready to volunteer? The more the merrier - even one Friday a term would be excellent.
Please pop in and see Sally at the end of Friday Café Owl session (9am)

Working With Children Check (WWCC)
All Canteen volunteers need to complete the following form which then needs to be handed into the front office with appropriate ID (hard copies are also available at the front office).
This is free to apply for - CLICK HERE to get started.

  • Coffee                        $4.00

  • Tea                             $1.50

  • Hot chocolate            $3.00

  • Chocolate milk           $2.00

  • Juice                          $2.00

- Opener

- Closer
- Shoppers

- Banker

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