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School Band Committee

President - Beth Fitzgerald
Secretary - May Delaney
Treasurer - Ruimei Zhang

Band Program Director - Ben Dickson
Senior Band Conductor - Ben Dickson
Senior Band Liaison (Teacher) - Monika Johnson
Senior Band Parent Liaison - Emma Joseph


Intermediate Band Conductor  - Ben Dickson
Intermediate Band Liaison (Teacher) - Hannah Taylor

Intermediate Band Liaison - Leoni Lincoln

Junior Band Conductor  - Surrey Hodges
Junior Band Liaison (Teacher) - Hannah Taylor

Junior Band Liaison - Leoni Lincoln

Instrument Custodian - Cath Adelbert

Fundraising Coordinator - Zuzana Pastuskova
Band Camp Coordinator - Kaisa Nieminen

Music Librarian - Sally Andrews

All parents are welcome to attend band meetings so please come along to the staffroom on meeting dates.

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